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RRM3 Selector Debut!

Updated: Apr 16

Question: Is a Maya auto-rigger really fully-featured without a great picker UI?

The all-new Selector for RRM3 makes selecting controls, mirroring poses, matching IK/FK, baking control modes and simulations, and so much more, a breeze.

There is some setup time involved with laying out the buttons, but the flexibility and customizability of the new UI in Maya make it a huge upgrade from RRM2. Check out the video where I walk through some of the features and setup!

(Special thanks to Francois Boquet for letting me use one of his fantastic models)

Unlike RRM2 Selector's grid-like layout, RRM3 is totally customizable and you can lay out the buttons to fit whatever rig you have created.

You can set background image and size. Your buttons can be resized, recolored, mirrored, aligned, hidden, synced to the scene and you can right click on any button to access its functionality.

You can also create additional tabs for different regions of your rig (like the face and the hands), and the selector button layout has tons of great right-click options to declutter the UI, saving valuable screen space.

RRM3 Selector was completely rewritten from MEL to PySide2/PyQt and was a pretty steep learning curve, but it made it to beta! There are more things I want to add, and as always, please pass along suggestions and feedback!


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