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  • Why Rapid Rig: Modular 3?
    Unleash your Creativity with RRM3! RRM3 is the most powerful and customizable version. Body parts are separated into modules and can be assembled in limitless combinations. RRM3 is the ideal choice if you need to rig anything other than a standard biped. While RRM3 can handle humanoids similarly to Rapid Rig: Advanced, RRM3 is also the right choice for any other living or fantasy creature. There are no limits on the number of arms, legs, tentacles, heads and tails your creature can have. you are only limited by your imagination! The all-new face settings for Head Modules puts RRM3 "a head" of the other Rapid Rigs. You can create a powerful joint-based rig that can include eyes, eyebrows, nose & nostrils, mouth and lips, cheeks, etc. Unlike the other Rapid Rig tools, RRM3 has been rewritten from MEL to Python. With this, the completely redesigned is more intuitive, easier to use and has new features like saving UI settings, faster proxy editing and rig rebuilding. Bug fixes and updates are faster and easier to implement with the Object Oriented Programming redesign.
  • Why Rapid Rig: Advanced?
    RRA is a great, affordable choice for rigging up your humanoid characters. Create a biped, and decide whether you want stretchy, cartoony arms and legs, with customizable fingers and toes. Your rig will come equipped with IK/FK limbs, hybrid IK/FK spine and neck, IK/FK matching, space switching. The rig is loaded with tons of controls and attributes to accommodate most animation styles. and when combined with Rapid Rig: Poser, you have a UI that makes mirroring poses and animations a breeze, along with baking IK and FK, and selecting controls.
  • Why Rapid Rig: Basic?
    What's better than free? Rapid Rig: Basic is free for anyone to use. It is a simple setup. Like all Rapid Rig products, RRB is equipped with a proxy rig so users don't have to worry about joint values or orientations. Just place the proxies to fit your character. When happy, Build the rig, paint your weights and you are done! RRB is perfect for modelers wanting to pose their characters for renders. It's also great for beginners who might be overwhelmed by all the settings and attributes that come with RR:Advanced and RR:Modular
  • How does licensing work?
    To keep installation simple and easy to use, Rapid Rig products are currently based on the honor system with no installation licenses or subscriptions. Please do not share the scripts outside of your production. While you do not need to purchase a license per computer, it is appreciated and it helps me keep this site and tools running. Updates are free within a version, for example Rapid Rig: Modular 3.01.00 will be free for anyone who has 3.00.00. However RRM3 is not a free upgrade for anyone who has RRM2.
  • What can I use Rapid Rig for?
    Rapid Rig tools are for production use only. If you are part of a film/game/television production, build your rigs and share within your production environment. There are no limitations to this.
  • What can I NOT user Rapid Rig for?
    Rapid Rigs and the code that generate them are not to be distributed in whole or in part. This means you cannot user Rapid Rig for rigging your characters and then distributing those rigs. Other people's models will never be sold or distributed with Rapid Rig without written permission or in partnership. So the same courtesy is appreciated. If you are interested in selling your model with Rapid Rig, you can join the Rapid Rig Partners initiative. See the Rapid Rig Partners FAQ section for more information.
  • Can I upgrade RRM2 proxy rigs or control rigs to RRM3?
    Not currently. Due to the complete rewrite and redesign from MEL to Python, there is no compatibility between RRM2 and RRM3
  • If I bought RRM2, can I get a discount on RRM3?
    No. RRM3 is a completely new version, and the first full version release in nearly ten years. You can keep using RRM2, and it will have support for new releases of Maya. RRM2 will not receive any new features added to RRM3. That being said, as a thank-you to early adopters of RRM3 while it is in beta, use the coupon code BETA at checkout to get 33% off for a limited time. You can expect to receive updates for several more years before any new major releases.
  • What can RRM3 do that RRM2 cannot?
    Here are some of the bigger improvements to RRM3 that are not in RRM2: -Face Rig -Bridge Module (attach each end of a chain to the rig) -Dynamic joint chains for FK chains and Bridges -More user-friendly UI for faster creation and iteration -Control Shape Swapping -Upgrade Proxy Rigs with a button -Rebuild Rig without a proxy rig -Save UI preferences, like custom templates, naming conventions and settings -Mirrored behaviour for translation and rotation on controls -All-new Selector UI that is fully customizable including adding a background image, moving buttons, creating multiple tabs for buttons, etc. -Unreal naming conventions and custom joint orients
  • I purchased RRM: 3 in the past. How do I get the latest updates?
    Log in with the account you purchased RRM: 3 with, and go to this link to download the latest release of the auto rigger tool:
  • Can I use RRM3 Selector with non-RRM3 rigs?
    No, RRM3 Selector interfaces directly with RRM3 rigs. Other rigs will not have the metadata that RRM3 Selector requires for its functionality.


Rapid Rig tools are ever-evolving. New features and fixes are based on community feedback. If you join the ranks of Rapid Rig users, please contact me with your comments, questions, problems and general feedback. It will help make Rapid Rig better!

Rapid Rig: Modular 3 is currently exclusively available on as a way to direct traffic to this site. Rapid Rig:Modular 2, Rapid Rig: Advanced, Rapid Rig: Poser and Rapid Rig: Basic are available on other sites, but please consider buying/downloading from where I don't lose up to 45% of each sale. This will help me keep this site up and continue to provide improvements to the tools on this site.


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Rapid Rig autorigs creator Dustin Nelson and his dog Nimbus

Hello! I am Dustin Nelson. I am the creator and developer of Rapid Rig. Rapid Rig started as a tool for myself to use in the production of a short film a long, long time ago. It has since evolved into one of the most popular Maya auto riggers in the industry.


I am also the Technical Animation Director at Inflexion Games, currently working on Nightingale, set to release in 2023.


And when I am not Rapid Rigging or TAD'ing, I am a part-time instructor at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in the 3D Animation program. I have also taught at Vancouver Film School, The Art Institute of Vancouver (now LaSalle College) and Pixel Blue College

I have had the good fortune of working at BioWare, Electronic Arts, and Phoenix Labs where I have contributed to over a dozen video games spanning more than 15 years. I have had countless mentors and peers who I have learned from. I love rigging, and hopefully it shows in the tools I have made available to the community.

If you would like to connect, you can also find me on LinkedIn

Thanks for stopping by!

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