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RRM3 Retargeting Tutorials

I finally got around to making some tutorials for retargeting between RRM3 and other Skeletons.

Attach Custom Skeleton to RRM3

In this first video, I show how to bolt on an existing character or skeleton to a RRM3 Rig. You have an existing character that is skinned and you don't want to go through the hassle of redoing the skinning? Then this is for you! Go ahead and attach it to a RRM3 Rig and then use the rig to animate your character.

Retarget Animations Custom Skeleton to RRM3

In this second video, I show how to take existing animation on a skeleton and retarget it to a RRM3 rig. This is great for getting mocap onto a rig for cleanup or making variations. Once the initial setup is done and you have created a mapping file, it should be fast to do repeat for many animations.

In the process, I found a bunch of things things to make the workflows better. Updates are in the BETA_2024_06_16 release!

This is one of the lesser used features, so if you use it, please send any feedback my way and I will try to make it better.


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