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RRM3 + Maya API

In the latest update (rrm3_installers_BETA_2024_03_21), I have begun implementing Maya's API to create custom nodes.

The main benefit of this is I can extend the functionality of Rapid Rig: Modular by writing nodes that can perform tasks that may otherwise be difficult to implement or require multiple nodes. For example, I plan to make the soft IK setup one node instead of roughly a dozen.

Another benefit is that RRM3 will have its own nodes that can be easily distinguishable from Maya's standard node types. This is useful for deleting rigs, selecting rig nodes, etc.

And lastly, this makes it more difficult for imposters to pass off Rapid Rigs as their own work because the rig will not fully function without the RRM3 plugin loaded. This has been all too common.

Thanks for coming by, and feedback is always welcome!


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