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More Marking Menus! Proxy Edition

Using Marking Menus for speeding up animation workflows has been a great new feature to Rapid Rig: Modular 3, so I asked myself "why stop there?"

With this question in mind, I have added functionality for the Proxy Rig. The marking menus now support some commonly used operations used while setting up the Proxies for your character

This includes mirroring, pinning, deleting, resetting your proxies, and even reorienting your FK Chains. You can also save and load and update your proxy setup without needing to use the UI.

Check out the following video that walks through some of the features that make setting up your character's rig faster than ever!

As always, a big thank-you to François Boquet for letting me use his amazing Waitress model in my Rapid Rig demos.

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