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More Marking Menus!

Do you ever find yourself wishing there was a faster way to select the controls you want? Fear not, friend! The marking menus introduced in April have more functionality added for doing just that. This has been added to the latest beta download.

The marking menu is context sensitive based on the first control you select. And some settings will be in the same place across all modules (like "Module Ctrls"), to make that muscle memory work to your advantage. These mastered gestural movements can make selecting so quick that it's practically instantaneous and you don't even see the marking menus.

Arm Selection for Rapid Rig Marking Menu in Maya
Arm Selection in Marking Menus

FK Chain Rapid Rig Marking Menu for Maya
FK Chain Selection in Marking Menus

For the selected control(s), you can quickly select controls by type for that module. Examples include:

  • Arm and Leg: all the FK or IK controls or all the twist controls

  • FK Chains: all the controls down a finger or across the knuckles, or all the simulation attribute controls

  • Spine: All the FK controls or all the micro controls

  • Bridge: All the simulated controls

  • Look-At: All the individual eye controllers or the parent control

Check out the video below for a short demo of the new functionality in the Rapid Rig: Modular 3 marking menu.

There is still more work to do for the face's marking menu as it's complexity makes it a bit trickier. But in the meantime, feedback is always welcome and encouraged for these and all other RRM3 features.


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