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To Sim or Not to Sim

When animating and skinning your Rapid Rig: Modular 3 rig, your FK Chain Module and Bridge Module with simulation can make the rig more challenging to use than it needs to be.

Often, you will keep simulation disabled until the completion of your shot to get better rig performance, to use the cache, or even to be able to scrub the timeline back and forth without the sim'd parts flying apart.

In the latest update, it is much easier to set the sim modes. You can set the "Static", "Passive" and "Dynamic" simulation modes in both the RRM3 Selector and the RRM3 Marking Menu.

Sim Settings in RRM3 Selector

To switch simulation modes for the entire rig, right click in an empty space (not over a button) and go to "Set All Rig Simulations", then choose the mode you want.

To set on a specific chain, right click on a button of the corresponding chain and go to "Set Simulation Mode" and choose.

Sim Settings in the Marking Menu

To set all the sim modes of the rig, select any control on the rig, and bring up the RRM3 Marking Menu. In the "Entire Rig Options", go to "Simulation All..." and choose your mode.

To set the sim mode of a specific chain, select any Sim Control, and in the Marking Menu, go to Simulation Mode in the radial menu...

and then choose your mode from the sub-menu

As always, please pass along your feedback so I can continue to make RRM3 work harder and smarter so you can work faster!


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