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Streamlining Animation with the All-New Marking Menu

It's about that time for a new feature, because features are way more fun than all the autorig bug fixing I have been doing lately.

New this week is a marking menu for animators to more easily access some of the great features that were previously only available in the RRM3 Selector UI.

The new marking menu unleashes animators to:

  • Mirror & Transfer Poses from side to side

  • Match IK/FK

  • Match Space Switching

  • Reset Transforms and attributes on Rigs and Controls

  • Select Controls

Some of these options are specific to the control you selected.

"So how do I use this fancy new feature?" you may ask yourself. Well, I will tell you! After installation, select any control(s) of your RRM3 generated autorig, then press shift-ctrl and middle-mouse click and hold to see the menu. Then move your cursor over the option you want, and release, and VOILA!

Once you get used to the positions of the various menu items, you will be able to pose your rigs faster than you ever could before!

Now my question to you... "So what fancy animations will you create?"


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