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RRM3 + Maya 2025

Updated: 6 days ago

Rapid Rig: Modular 3 is now compatible with Maya 2025 as of the May 11, 2024 Beta release. Available here for all customers. I have also added a link on the download page that will take you directly to the archive of previous installers

UI Updates

Maya 2025 leapfrogged from PySide2 to PySide6, so there were some significant UI updates in this release. Visually, the UI's should look the same regardless of your Maya version, but under the hood there was some extra tinkering done.

Maya 2025 Word of Caution

With my testing in Maya 2025, I have noticed 2025 on PC is a lot slower than 2024. On Mac, it feels about the same. Also, on the PC version, the Maya 2025 installation deleted all my other versions' preferences. Not good, so if you do update to Maya 2025, I highly recommend backing up your preferences in case the same thing happens to you!

If you are brave enough to be an early adopter of Maya 2025 and you run into any issues with RRM3, please let me know.

Proxy Pickwalking

As an added bonus in this release, RRM3 now has pickwalking for the proxy rig, which should make setting up your proxies easier with fewer clicks and navigating overlapping or tightly packed proxies.

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