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Rapid Rig: Modular 3 - New Axes Controls

In the BETA_2024_05_22 update, RRM3 now has optional world space controls. These controls use Maya's Scene Space Orientation (Y up, X sideways, Z forward). These Maya Scene controls are not recommended unless you need to have the rig line up with other rigs or nodes in a scene. While they are "Maya standard", they are not as intuitive to animate with and will have conflicting behavior to the rest of the RRM3 controls.

The new Maya Space controls are represented by controls shaped like the letter M:

In the screenshot below, the new Maya-space controls are all visible (seen at the origin, the hips, the IK controls (wrists, elbows, feet and knees) and the look-at controls.

For the Main and Root Maya Space controls, turn on the "mayaSpaceControlVis" attribute to "On" to make these controls visible. This attribute is on the Main_Ctrl and the Root_Ctrl.

For the arm and leg IK controls, these can be made visible through the Ctrl Type Vis attribute by setting it to Maya (Scene Space) Ctrl or All Ctrls, which would display all the controls:

The new controls are the parent of the world (Rig Space) controls, which are the ones visible by default.

The eyes are similar to the IK controls in that you can toggle between World and Maya spaces, as well as set it to All Ctrls to see both control types. The Maya (Scene Space) Control is the parent of the World (Rig Space) control

The IK/FK matching functionality in the RRM3 Selector UI and the Marking Menus have also been updated to support these changes. Which ever Ctrl Type Vis the controls are set to is what will match IK to FK. All the Maya Space Controls will also mirror properly based on their world space axes.

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